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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  June 2, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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this weekend and the wetter. >> hearing about the graduation parties, the welds action, so many things going on, yes, roots picnic, that is saturday, right? that's better chance of no rain than sunday does. >> so, phillies home all weekends, and beyonce concert sunday. >> oh, right. >> don't ruin it. >> that's outdoor concert, isn't it? >> yes, at the linc. >> we'll break it all down coming up. let's get to the stuff you need to know right now. like today. six 60s to start with bus stop buddy, polo shirt on, we did put hat on, chris murphy requested it, we don't want his little head to get sunburned, we have that renmant every bonnie down to our south. but we have cold front rolling in from the west what we're watching for tomorrow's weather 63 degrees, 7-mile per hour breeze out of the northeast, keeping us little bit on the humid side. but it is pretty comfortable, 64 reading and lancaster, 65 degrees, wilmington,
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atlantic city international has 64. nice afternoon, 84 degrees, will it stay nice through the weekend? >> oh, that's the question. you may not like the answer, bob kelly. >> 7:01, won't like the traffic ahead of you here on the schuylkill expressway. good morning, everybody. 71:00, an accident, eastbound right at 476 only looks leak only the right lane is getting on through here. this is right at the conshy interchange. three, four vehicles involved, one dump truck, i got word, definitely some injuries, so there will be some ambulances rescue squads pulling up here. so, getting ready to leave kop right now eastbound jammed up, headed into 476. there is your speedometer reading, slow going on the blue route as well using
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delaware bridge, make going down toward the delaware beaches, left lane block, in the construction, otherwise, mass transit looking good, chris, alex, back over to you. >> 7:02, following developing story out every hunting park, authorities are trying to track down the driver of a stolen car who ran down a teenager, who just is taking a walk. >> that driver then took off leaving that 18 year old to die in the street. fox 29's dave kinchen live at the scene with the latest on the search for us, dave, good morning. you saw it, one police say struck this teenager, was towed away by police a 18 year old man walking along the 3900 block every old york road when hit, police say the victim's body tossed 30 feet in the air, then crashed into a park
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mini-van, the victim with major head trauma pronounced dead at temple university hospital. investigators say, the driver dumped the vehicle, ran off, cops looking for the driver getting leads from neighbors. >> they say that they see that vehicle on regular basis there is he know who normally drives the vehicle. they describe female we don't know who was driving the vehicle at the time of the accident. showing the crash, showing the car leaving the scene, but come back liver, see where it was dump. police sources also telling "fox 29 news" the vehicle was stole friend east lansdowne, has been stolen for several
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months, so as we come back over here, police still on the scene, and they'll be out likely canvassing this area once again this morning to try to find out who was driving at this time. back to you guys. >> well, police also investigating hit-and-run in south philadelphia, it happened around 3:30 this morning at front and oregon, police say man was taken to jefferson hospital in stable condition. police say they are looking for red hyundai suv but do not have description of the driver right now. 7:04, stance accused every attempted murder and handful of other crimes, police arrested 21 year old rasheed jordan after wild chase on temple campus early morning hours yesterday. authorities say he was one of several men, who in a jaguar opened fire on another car wounding one man, according to investigators, it all started with the robbery of cell phone, on 24th street. this past season jordan played for the nba developmental league in delaware. he was a former player for
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saint john's college. >> don't get me wrong, you know, i think he was a great person. >> i think one of the best in fill. >> i they say they caught up to jordan after he jump out of the jaguar, start today run away, and tried to toss the gun. >> montgomery county woman ordered to stand trial in the shooting of hess ex-husband, 63 year old hue chin lynn is he say she shot and kill her husband back on may 22 because he was living with another woman and took the family business from her, her attorney says she snapped, after suffering emotional and physical abuse the couple's son said he saw his mother test firing the gun in the backyard week before the shooting. >> lehigh county judge says pro wrestling star jimmy super fly snuk an is incompetent ten don't stant trial, came yesterday after four day hearing to determine whether
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snuk should face trial on murder and manslaughter charges, wrestler took the stand, and often seemed confused as he was questioned by the judge. the judge said she doesn't believe snuk is capable every faking symptoms of dementia. snuca charged last year in the death of 23 year old nancy argentine owe. >> 7:06. forget alarm clock, one family in plymouth meeting got quite the awakening when driver lost control. >> that car veering off the road and right into their house, sabina kuriakose now live with what happened. this car went right into the living room. thank goodness it wasn't a bedroom, because the family was inside the home at the time, sabina? >> we know know people were home, the car came down the road, barreling so fast, with such force it, went through a window and part of a brick wall. and police at the scene actually told us that the car was fully inside of the home when they got here. so, resident were home at the time. but they were okay, we're told, they had no injuries, and the driver was taken to
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einstein to be evaluated, but we're told that that driver, man, was not injured, as women. now i can take a look at video we got for you just after all this happened very active scene hatched about 12:45 this morning, police say the car slammed into the home here along . >> the home was damaged as well as many of the belongings, but again, the silver lining here, that there were no injuries, to anybody, now, this family has been out of their home, since all of this happened last night and into this morning, still no word on exactly when they can
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get back in, police continue to investigate, he can actually what happened here, to cause that driver to go into this home. guys, back to you. >> sabina kuriakose, live at crazy scene, thank you. >> 7:08. classes are expected to resume today after authorities say a student upset about a grade killed himself and mikhail call engineering professor, hundreds of of police officers swarmed the campus after shots were fired they found the bodies of professor bill and another man in an offers inside the engineering building. investigators say they found a gun and what appears to be a suicide note. they've not identified the shooter. tactical teams went through the buildings on campus to make sure everyone was safe. in some cases student and staff used crowbars, belts, and other objects, to secure doors. >> police told me to run earlier, terrified, still shaking. there is not much else you can do.
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just scared someone might run through the door and shoot us. >> campus secure in about two hours, pennsylvania governor tom wolf will be in north philadelphia this morning to discuss pennsylvania's opioid crisis, wolf will also, that's happening at 10:00 at temple university lewis katz school of medicine north broad. >> the state secretary of health says it could take as long as two years to write regulations making medical marijuana available to eligible patient,s in pennsylvania, those interested in becoming growers or processers, signed legislation, legalizing medical marijuana. set standards from tracking plants, certifying physicians, licensing growers, dispensaries and physicians. >> now hearing from the mother of the baby born with the zika related condition in new jersey. doctors are working to help the newborn, who suffers from microcephaly as well as structural issues with her
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eye. the baby's 31 year old mother was diagnosed when zika in her native country honduras. ultrasound was normal but another last week showed birth defect. >> in december i thought i had an allergy or rash, i spoke to my gynecologist, he asked if i had a fever and i said player just an hour, and the gynecologist said i would be fine. >> one of four dodd end countries where active, taking place, now, the prognosis for babies born with micro self lee is generally very poor, no cure for this really is a shrinkage of the brain and the skull for that matter, and again, there is no cure for it. >> poor kids have will have a terrible time dealing with there is and they don't how long zika will be in that area as they try to tack it in the
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south and central american countries. >> growing concern about it happening here too. a lot of worry over zika. >> all right, how about this? as we turn our attention again to cincinnati where police have still not decide philadelphia they will charge the parent after boy, who fell into that gorilla enclosure at the zoo there, released the 911 call the mom made listen to the pan nick her voice as she watches. >> what's the address? >> high, my child fell in the zoo with the gorilla. at the zoo, my son fell in with the gorilla. the gorilla is over him. >> goes onto tell the woman that authorities have already been alerted. at one boy you hear the little boy's mom calling out to him while he is in the cleaner your. >> be calm, be calm. be calm. be calm. he is dragging my son. can't watch this. i cannot. i can't. i can't watch. can't imagine what she is
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feeling there watching this happen. zoo officials shot and killed 17 year old gorilla in order to save the boy. >> you don't have to be a parent to be, you know, fearful seeing something like that. >> true. >> as a parent, man, i can't imagine. >> but had me thinking, when you are in the zoo and something like that happens, who do you go to? not like you are seeing zoo officials walking around, do you call 911, is there an emergency phone or button you press? serious situation. >> 7:12, senior gear up for big day, push to make change to the graduation ceremony at montgomery county high school. >> lauren johnson looking into this with more on the debate brewing, lauren? >> inch vocation and ben diction prayer, for 20 years, right now those two portions of the ceremony left out of this year's graduation program. superintendent of the pottsgrove school district tells us a parent complained, after last year's graduation.
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some say the prayer focused on one specific denomination, christian faith. right in you officials are being advised by the district solicitor on the legality of prayer during graduation. while some don't see a problem with the prayer the president of the school boards has expressed his concerns, he says, it is illegal. >> the law does not allow the school to provide a program prayer in school related ceremonies. moment recall supreme court decisions. >> i can see if this is something i do, i don't see why we have to do it but i don't see why they would also plane recalling or really bothered mere for that 30 seconds. >> public meeting will be held to review the issue tuesday, at 7:30 p.m. at the high school graduation scheduled for june 15th. alex, chris? >> all right, meantime turning to politics. coming under fire how student
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were enrolled. >> documents unsealed from class action litigation against trump and trump university show that the sales team was urged to push hard to enroll students, even when they were financially strapped. official play book even saying that quote money is never a reason for not enrolling in trump university. you are not doing any favors by letting someone use lack of money as an excuse. >> well. >> hillary clinton using the documents to fuel more attacks against trump on the campaign trail. >> more evidence that donald trump himself is a fraud. he is trying to scam america the way he scammed all those people at trump u. >> so donald trump has vowed to take the lawsuit against him over trump university to trial. woe would likely be delayed until after the election. >> la bomb versus steve, cleveland versus goal end
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state, fans everywhere people wanted to see and start tonight. >> last year the warriors edged out the cavaliers in six games, but this year, the cavs are a lot healthier, they have labron james of course healthy, and last year labron had to carry them, kylie serving, kevin love, both kind of hurt, right? >> yep. golden state their chances of getting to the final look bleak just week ago when they were trailed games three to one, then, they somehow managed to bring it back up and win it all, what a a amazing game. so many people watching that. >> here is the thing, watching the game, all invested, one member of the goal end state warriors who will get a ring likely no matter who wins. >> and that's anderson varejao, played 11 seasons, tray traded mid season to portland who waived him. >> then anderson signed by who else the goal end state warriors. so last.
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sports bureau first nba player to for both teams appearing in the goal end state. if they win it, he'll get a ring. cleve lard cavaliers win, co-choose -- they could choose to give a ring for being loyal to the team being therefore all of those seasons that alex mentioned. >> do you think they would? either way? >> why would, right? >> let's think about it, what is it in football like retiring, you can still go back maybe not the last time you played but who you were with the longest. >> here is the only difference in this case, he will try to beat his old team. >> i just know though that there will be so much more interest in this series, goal end state, cleveland, versus if we had had oklahoma city versus toronto. i don't think would you have had the viewership if those teams ended up in there. >> plus the warriors like last year you guys won maybe because of all of the injuries and stuff, now they can proof it like look, we will win
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regardless, or labron will be like i got. >> this we'll see. >> could be fun. >> coming up on 7:17. >> breaking news out of old sit, word that person struck at the corner of fourth and spring garden. here is the situation. a car went around the septa bus on spring garden street and struck a pedestrian at fourth. what we are trying to figure out now whether that person was crossing the street in front of the septa bus, at the intersection, or whether that person exited the septa bus. so, all this is breaking right now at the corner every fourth and spring garren, of course we'll take you there the minute they arrive and get set up. right now being told that spring garden eastbound, is closed, right and the fourth street. fourth street, i believe, is the social security administration building, right there, at the corner of fourth
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and spring garden. and then the next block up there at third you have the fire headquarters serving garden street, avoid, that maybe use callowhill as the alternate at the moment. here is a live look at the schuylkill, this is eastbound three car accident, moved everybody off to the right shoulder but we're bumper to bumper from king of prussia headed eastbound, in toward that accident scene, which is again, off to the shoulder, and then of course we continue our normal morning delay, we got some sun glare coming around the conshy curve and then further east, delays, in toward center city. jammed up on 95, as well, southbound 95, heavy from cottman avenue, down through girard avenue. we will be dealing with our normal sun glare, as you work your way in from south jersey, on the 42 freeway, and again, we'll have update coming up in the next ten minute on that situation, that's developing, at fourth and spring garden. but sue, a lot of sun glare out there this morning? >> yes, we don't have the fog problem that we had yesterday,
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and in spot, but plenty of sunshine today but watching of course the renmant of bonnie to the south, more importantly, the cold front that's out to our west, which even though it looks like it will be here earlier, we expect high pressure to block it and not give us any rain until tomorrow, and here's the deal with tomorrow morning. just some light showers in the area, i think, in the morning, and it is not until after 12:00 noon that we expect some of these thunderstorms to pop up. so, if we do get some rain tomorrow, in west philadelphia, it shouldn't be very much. then we look ahead to friday evening. we could have few pop up there. saturday does look like we will see increasing clouds, but probably dry, then sunday, we see some rain rolling in, can't get around it, thunderstorms possible in the afternoon. so that takes you through the weekend which is pretty important for a loft folks, a lot of events going on, so ten today. six tomorrow. and a eight on saturday. those scattered storms on sunday, we do see some clearing, by monday afternoon,
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and into tuesday, and wednesday, but, that doesn't help you through the weekend but at least prepares, chris, al next. >> at least we have our warning. 7:20. more free stuff. how you can take advantage of big changes coming to airlines this summer. >> you heard taxi drivers, but what about a back seat police officer? hear the adorable 911 call, five year old, because he thought his dad did something wrong on the road. >> calling him out. >> my kids call me out all the time when i'm driving. here are your winning lottery numbers. good luck.
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>> this airline business, right? a lot of people complain about it, but things might be changing more free food and few outrageous fees, i like the sound that far. >> lauren, good morning to you! >> are we saying lines are
7:24 am
nice? are they becoming warm and fuzzy? if could be. i don't know, i won't go that far. but i will tell this, despite those tremendous lines, at security, huge record demands to travel. >> if you are flying to europe in coach on united you'll get two smacks, and a male meal, for nothing, thanks, united. >> wait a minute. the smacks, though. >> are they peanuts? >> no, they give you crumby pretzels. >> well, these smacks are better. one of the smacks is a warm croissant with jelly and yogurt cup. >> oh,. >> okay. >> flying across the atlantic so it is a longer more expensive flight, in general. >> that's true. >> or could you bring some chick-fil-a. could you sneak that on. >> that's right.
7:25 am
>> how about this new app, this is casino of cool, right? how do i get a free sandwich from chick-fil-a? >> download it, chick-fil-a one, order, pay ahead of time, walk in, you don't wait on line, you get your food, and in the process you get free sandwich. so download the app now and you get free food. there is chick filets by you i take it? >> right down the street columbus is decent, pretty decent breakfast sandwich, too. >> we got our first couple of months ago, and i'm a diehard chick-fil-a fan, i have not once been to the one just couple of blocks from here, because the lines too long. >> yes? >> and i'm too -- you know, not waiting for fast-food. >> speaking of being a fan, lauren, i love the color you're wearing this morning. >> well, is it orange? >> no, say it is yellow. do you listen to beyonce by any chance?
7:26 am
>> are you sure about that? >> because, i'm also, i have nails that match your dress, and we're excited because beyonce is coming to philly on sunday. >> you just went to her concert, slight. >> no, this sunday. >> yellow nails, i got to see them. >> thank you, lauren. >> both look fantastic. >> that's really pretty color. >> it is. >> you need to borough that dress. >> 7:26. well, 250 down, how many more to go? we have an update on the philadelphia school district's plan to hire hundreds of teachers by the end of this month. but, first, let's check in about jane. >> all revved-up. >> i welcome to you pocono raceway, amazing weekend fans wait for all the time. come on back to the pocono raceway. >> ♪
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good morning, 7:30, this morning, police trying to track down the driver in a deadly hit-and-run in hunting park, a 18 year old hit and killed near old york road and luzern street. police say the driver was in a stolen toyota prius, which was dumped nearby, bob kelly, you're also tracking a separate story for thus
7:30 am
morning? >> good morning, coming up exactly 7:30, getting word here on an accident, right at the corner of fourth and spring garden, now, here's what we know. septa bus, on spring garden street, stopped at the corner of fourth street, someone walked in front of that septa bus, and was struck, by a passing vehicle. eastbound spring garden, right at fourth street, the scene of the accident, again, this is all developing right now, but it just casino of shows the importance of being careful and aware of your surroundings, and paying attention to the red lights and the agree lights. you know, regardless of whether it is a school bus, or a septa bus, but fourth and spring garden, the scene that far accident, right now, here is another accident, southbound, 95, just south of center city, which is off to the right shoulder. and a big jam, on the schuylkill expressway, where we go for a ride, it is eastbound, on the schuylkill expressway, right at the 476 interchange at conshy. it involves couple of vehicles, everything off to the side, but, we're bumper to
7:31 am
bumper now pretty much from king of prussia, and the sun glare hits you coming around the conshy curve and little hazy shot here on 95 southbound, from cottman, into girard avenue. but, sue, we got some sun glare for the most part everywhere this morning. >> yes, hazy for different reason this morning, yesterday, we had quite a bit of fog, but today with bus stop buddy do not forget that shades, 60s your temperature walking out the door, pretty nice start this morning, and we don't have to worry about this rain from bonnie, or this rain, coming in from the west, at least not yet. and we shouldn't have to until tomorrow. 63 degrees right now at the airport, 7-mile per hour winds, relative humidity at 84%, 06 degrees in pottstown, only 57 mount pocono, but more comfortable morning, just couple of degrees cooler, than it was yesterday, and a little less muggy, 84 is our high mix of sun and clouds, call it, a nice afternoon. will we have nice afternoons all the way through the weekend, chris, al next.
7:32 am
>> we'll let you know! >> thank you, sue. >> well, philadelphia school superintendent, doctor william hite announce in the martha he intend today hire 800 new teachers? 800 teachers. that's a lot of teachers, no small father considering teachers union without a contract for more than a thousand days, so where does the district stands right now? >> here he is this morning. superintendent of the school district every philadelphia, doctor william hite, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> so how are things going? how is the application process? >> things going great. first and for most we're excited because we're hiring. >> true. >> and excited because we've received over 1200 applications, in the working through the applications and to date we've hired externally 251 candidates, and we're on pace to fill 1100 vacancies, both through external hires and internal transfers. >> so tell us, we have spokeswoman that will put up how offering breakdown. >> sure. >> sounds like things are going pretty well? we fist talk to you guys, wow, 800, that's going to be hard
7:33 am
to fill? >> yes, going to be hard to fill, through the effort of many of our staff members, through prince have been working very hard i'm encouraging anyone listening in this morning to go on our website at jobs.fhilasd month org. >> how does this play no that? >> this is what we're trying to do to solve that problem. i mean, we went through last year, caring a lot of vacancies throughout the year, we want to resolve that problem, as i indicated before, i want all positions filled by june 30th. >> with too few teachers you've been make with in the last several years, took over what four years ago at this point? >> yes. >> what's that do with classroom size, and how might this alleve ate that?
7:34 am
>> this alleviates it by putting individuals into classrooms, and this, this would not create the problems where you have to essentially split a class without a teacher and send those children to two other classrooms, thus, increasing size that far classroom. so that if we have all certified individuals, throughout the schools, then it is only helpful to schools themselves with resolving that problem. so you don't have uncovered classes, without a certified teacher, and do you have split those children and send them. >> not as much as a shell game any more basically what you are talking about, moving things around? >> trying to resolve. i mean, that's one reason we've been -- we've been so aggress enough trying to get individuals into schools, we had over 250 people at the district headquarters yesterday, candidates, who were interviewing with almost 50 something principals who are still involved in trying to staff their schools. >> so sounds like things are going well. but i have to ask, with the fact that there hasn't been a raise with the current teachers since 2012, how are
7:35 am
you trying to spin this for people coming to the district, hey we want you to come here? >> so couple of things, one, we have -- we've -- we have tentative agreement with our prince, union, and tentative agreement with. that will we are in productive conversations with 32bj, our largest blue collar union both of those, actually, may made sacrifices several years ago, what we are in in tentative agreements with one of those, and then in conversations, and we hope, and i'm still encouraged. >> conversations in. >> no, i mean, they also have contract, they took con serb area agreements several years ago. those individuals didn't continue to make the same thing over period of years. they took cuts in april, 32bj's case they actually made contributions back to the district. so, teachers stayed where they were from four years ago, those two units actually won,
7:36 am
contributed to the benefit, other made contributions back to the district, in order to help us fill the budget gap. and we are very -- tentative agreement with i indicated before, we are in productive conversations with 32bj for successor agreement. and i'm hopeful, still hopeful, that we are going to get to an agreement with philadelphia federation of teachers becomes you we do have to work through a state appointed mediator, with those talks. >> we're out every town, last note here, teachers coming in, about $45,000 average salary? >> yes. >> doctor hite, thank you so much. >> indeed. >> we have to check back as the process goes forward. >> absolutely, thank you. >> we have tow have positions filled by the end of june, indeed. >> june 2nd, time's ticking. >> that's right. speaking of lessons, all right. a dad learns an important lesson from his five year old son. what one man did to cautioned a little boy to call 911 on his own dad, straight ahead.
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>> plan get unexpected driving lesson from his son. released this adorable 911 call, from when robby richardson called police on his dad, for running a red light. >> ninety-one is what's your emergency? >> daddy went past a red light. >> ya? >> daddy went past a red light. he has a block truck. and he was in the brand new car my mommy's car. >> ya? >> and dissh. >> and what happened? >> and he just -- and he had to go through the car wash, then he went past the red light. >> he did? >> uh-huh. >> nice kid punk up. >> a door job calling out his dad? no way, that's a violation. cathy burned my toast, daddy cheat on his taxes. >> then he had to talk to the dad for running the red light,
7:41 am
and actually made legal right on a red. five year old robby wants to be a police officer when he grows up. oh, he is on his way. he'll bus even his folks. >> oh, it starts now, starts now. 74:00; let's head to a gym, because jen at the poconos raceway. she is getting red. >> i she is waiting for the green light! >> i'm waiting for the green light. 80,000 people will be here. >> sunday morning. >> sunday morning, because we are ready for a big race, come on back, we will go dukes of hazard style into a real live car, pretty cool! okay, ready?
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7:44, got some good news, that accident at fourth and spring garden, now, cleared out of the way, but here's what happened. a person did exit the septa bus, walk in front of the septa bus, and then got struck by a car coming down spring garden street, minor injuries, person taken to a local hospital. traffic is moving again here at fourth and spring garden. we do have another accident, westbound on the pa turnpike right at the philly bensalem interchange yesterday walk out the front door right into a
7:45 am
class trip. whole gang here from the osage elementary school over in voorhees, new jersey visiting philadelphia on their way up to the lib earth he bell, thanks for stopping by our fox 29 studios yesterday some sun glare, hitting us on the forehead, just cleared away an accident, but we got a delay from kop, headed east in turned conshohocken, once you make it past the sun glare at the curve your normal delay working your way into the city. blue route northbound heavy from 95 up through 76, north on 995, coming up from delco, from the delaware state line, up to the blue route again some sun glare, but mass transit, looking good, sun glare this morning, how long is it going to last for all every these weekend? events? sue has the answer coming up in 152nd.
7:46 am
>> here's a look at what's happening today on fox 29, see kathy orr down the shore there is time going to atlantic city and if you're there or want to tai a take trip because it is a ten out of ten today, meet kathy? person on the board walk near the drop can a it will be about seven open degrees, partly sunny skies and sea breeze there. we don't have any rain in the forecast. even though you see some in the western part of the state, high pressure is set up to block that rain, until tomorrow, and it doesn't look like we will need to wore bit renmant every bonnie headed into the weekend, at least this computer model has it headed out to sea, do have rain from the front we just showed you, tomorrow morning, some light rain, maybe some thunderstorms popping up, any time after 12:00 noon, and lasting on and off throughout the rest of the day. now, saturday, still look to be dry, even though we've got some clouds rolling in, by sunday, it is some rain, in
7:47 am
the morning, and some thunderstorms popping up in the afternoon so weekend woes, if that's what you got. be prepared for clouds, and stray shower tomorrow morning, when you meet up with us, at cedar park west philadelphia. it is going to be less than perfect, but it probably won't be a deluge, either, so few raindrops, we deal with that, 63 degrees, in philadelphia, right now, 57 to the north of us, and 68 down in dover, delaware, humidity, not bad in some spots, 84% here. 75% up in allentown, but, very sticky down in dover, delaware, this morning. winds are coming out of the northeast, and the east, bringing in that moisture off the ocean, but still a ten out of ten today. 79 degrees, tomorrow. with those scattered showers, around, sun and clouds on saturday, then we factor in the thunderstorms, for sunday, nice weather pattern headed into the middle of next week. so just like life, guys, ups and downs in your seven day forecast. >> every day. >> yes. >> but we will still have fun tomorrow, okay, guys?
7:48 am
so why don't you join us, we going to be in west philadelphia, tomorrow, you hear the music, yes, we have to do this. we're in west philly. we have to do fresh prince, right? so come dress in the your best 95th, i want to see speak dressed like will smith, see you dressed lie dj jazzy jeff. i hear he'll be in town this weekend, mable ' symptom by, fee maybe we can get him. so get ready west philly come to you 7:00 to 10:00 a.m., at cedar park, this is on baltimore avenue. 4917 baltimore, between 49th and 50th streets. we want to see you there, get there early because it will be packed. >> and best part, you can win a car just sign up to win a brand new mazda cx9. all do you have do is go to our website click on the contest page, it is right there on the home page, we will pick finalist once a week, on our final show, we will have a big give away, speaking of the final show, see it from this, it is on july 22nd, coming to a town near you, in the meantime, the 22nd show will be at the del
7:49 am
music center if fairmount park. come out and see us, get the new mazda cx9 to drive off. >> it is beautiful, sure s clock 49. >> speaking of driving. >> yes, let's talk nascar. because even people who aren't nascar fans you know the name dale earn hard junior. >> his dad of course the late great, right? his grandfather, too, and of course dale in the number 88 car not done too bad himself. >> i think he'll show us his car. >> he is driving new car. >> new color. >> exalt a. >> because the name of this race is the exalta. >> so basically he'll show off the performance paint on his car great partner of ours.
7:50 am
>> okay, this, sports car, he is a fan favorite for years, it is his last year raising. >> last year. tony won in everything, so -- >> cool, you can touch it, feel it, see it, really get up close and personal. >> yes, chef lay display, fanfare, ticketed area so on friday, saturday, sunday, common in here, kids free friday, saturday, they can come and enjoy everything they have to offer. just one small piece. >> and then you say tickets available for sunday. >> absolutely tickets still available, $45 for adult, and kids half price. >> pretty cool. number 88. >> dale earnhardt junior. >> this is real race car? >> real race car. >> okay. >> fore bag to be a real rice car guy, as i am. you got to get in the real race car -- >> i'm very nervous about this. >> truth be told, that will be back in philadelphia, new jersey, delaware, out of all
7:51 am
of the non-sports report who have come, who knowles the most about racing? >> jen does. >> well? >> one purse% right. >> right. i know about everything. >> don't hurt yourself getting in this car. >> so you go in here, usually in a fire suit. >> fire suit. >> there is like a roar of the crowd and everything? >> come in here. >> i'll need a steering wheel. hi, guys, and they do this, then in here for four hours? >> yes, four hours. >> they have race suit. >> molds the situation in here inside the cockpit. so you're in a regular seat but molded to the driver so the driver is more comfortable. because four hours in here is quite a bit. >> i knotts there is a fire extinguisher. >> fire is very important to nascar. >> couple of buttons on the steering wheel here. >> don't touch any of those. >> common. >> one is your kill stick. problem account bar, it is on
7:52 am
fire, something like, that do you have hit the kill switch, shuts down the engine so the driver and every someone save. >> what's the black button. >> talk to your spotter. >> what does your spotter need? >> i need more tires. and a beer, because i've been driving this car for four hours. >> you can have your beer after you win, your victory lane. >> get it cold. >> okay, so the breaks, engine, really looking at this? >> oh, they'll check the gauges throughout the entire race, actually this is a little bit of older model, actually all digital now. >> complete digital dash. >> we can go pretty fast. >> we can go pretty fast. >> so we'll try this live. we'll go up on the banks, the curves and everything, pretty cool. again, i'm basically dukes of hazard, did you see that move guys? >> good move.
7:53 am
when you got in you looked like were you six years old because you need a booster seat. >> i'm nugget. i'm a nugget in here, i know. >> from dukes of hazards -- >> because delorian, right? >> quincy, this is so cool. >> what's that vice. >> i dean know, just came over me.
7:54 am
7:55 am
hi, we are turketarians. you know people think that all turkey tastes alike. (both) wrong! true turketarians swear by butterball. we like to say, (both) "what is this? thanksgiving?" (both laughing) get it? butterball. the choice of turketarians.
7:56 am
nice clear day. >> enjoy it now, because the rain is coming, for example. >> yes, okay, where can you fine four captain america and marty mc frelinghuysen in one
7:57 am
place. >> only at world comic con. >> and quincy there. >> it is quinn i mc fly, okay. >> listen, i'm quincy mc fly. this is the calm before the storm happening here at the pennsylvania convention center starting today, at 3:00 p.m. and i mean, they have some like really big heavy heavy hitters will be here, jerry, he's telling me all about it, now, jerry, we're going to have some big heavy hitters here this weekend? >> we, are chris evans, chris hemsworth, to the whole back to the future world, with michael j. fox -- . >> we will be here saturday all day, lea thompson from back to the future, from x files, so anything that you're a big fan of in movies and television and science fiction, comics, art, dressing up in costume, you know, we're here this weekend. >> you were telling me if i had a comic book, people can actually grade the comic books. >> there is grading here, if you have a comic book, see what it is worth, have an idea
7:58 am
that far, might even buy it from, buy comics here, everything in that whole realm of pop culture, we have it here. >> okay, starts to the at 3:00 p.m. >> starts 3:00. kids ten and under free the whole week end. >> really? >> yes. >> i think i'm going to come here. now i was marty mc fly little earlier, i'll talk to oliver, now, oliver, tell me, tell me about this. >> you know, the main mission behind this? >> well, we love the movie. we built the car, and we decided to use it to raise money and awareness for the michael j. fox foundation for parkinson's rear is her. >> will be here this weekend? >> yes. >> can sit behind the wheel, or they can just strike a pose, like the poster. >> let me show you, hole on, how does this look?
7:59 am
>> look good? >> it says here november 15, i can hop in? i can hop it? you can come here, hop in this? this thing is amazingment how many places have you taken this? drive tone all 50 state, japan, argentine, a hawaii, alaska, all over the place. >> come on down, starts 3:00 p.m., bun every of big stars. i feel like i want to do some coz play. >> lea thompson from the movie will be there, as well, i believe, this week. >> she played marty mcfly mother, yes. >> very cool. >> maybe i'll be sore, i may be stunt double. >> oh, you would make a great tore. >> show us the guns! >> no. family show.
8:00 am
family show. >> oh! >> good day, it is thursday, june 2nd, 2016. >> this is "good day philadlephia". >> deadly hit-and-run, now the hunt is on for the driver, why finding the car involved may not make the search much use year. >> more dark twists, new photos surface of how newly-released text messages may help her case against johnny dep. >> swallowing a balloon to lose weight? one company says yes, their plans to inflate balloons inside your stomach to help you slim down. >> a big split. >> ♪ >> taylor swift and calvin harris call it quits. yes, who ended this, and why
8:01 am
there is no bad blood. >> had to do it. >> baby baby got bad blood. >> ♪ >> oh, taylor. >> great songs out of this. >> that's right, she always writes a song when she breaks up with somebody. >> maybe she'll write a good one. >> hope she is shake it off. >> oh, no bad blood. >> we can keep going but we won't. >> we'll try to shake that off. >> do enjoy, as you may have heard, there is some less than perfect weather coming your way over the next couple of days, but nice start. temperatures in the 60s, bus stop buddy smiling as always. people owe shirt good idea, wear the sunscreen, pretty bright out there. don't see any rain in the offing for today at all. at philadelphia international airport, 6 degrees, 5-mile per hour breeze out of the east northeast, we have 59 up in the pocono mountains, six an
8:02 am
in lancaster, over atlantic city at the airport, 64, 68 degrees in dover, delaware. how about 84 degrees mix of sun and clouds nice afternoon that's why it is a ten. tomorrow, we will time it out for you, coming up. >> today national leave the office early day. obviously with a ten, good luck with that later today. southbound heavy approaching cottman in through girard avenue. live look at the blue route, we got that wick sun glare peaking through the trees here. westbound pa turnpike accident, at the philly bensalem interchange. ready for breakfast? here we go. you know what we do a thursday, different neighborhood, different spot. today high tied up in bensalem . not only get there in the car but bo boat huge dock overlooking the delaware river. we will be up there 9:00 to 10:00. you bring your appetite. i'll bring the tv camera so
8:03 am
the kids can be little late to to school. bring them on by. north on the blue route 35 minute trip into conshohocken. sale deal, delaware, schuylkill, coming around the curve chris and alex back to you. >> now to a developing story out every hunting park authorities trying to close in on driver who hit a teenager then took off leaving him thereto die. >> so the car involved until the latest hit-and-run stolen making it more challenging dave kinchen standing out live, on any leads potentially, dave? >> top brass, likely saying here we go again, another deadly hit-and-run hunt on for the driver, victim 18 year old man walking along the 3900 block every old york road in hunting park stolen by a 2010 prius, victim's body flew 30 feet in the air and crashed into a parked mini-van, the
8:04 am
victim was with major head trauma pronounced dead at temple university hospital. driver dumped the striking prius, 1300 block every west pike, which was just up the street nab ores toll them they saw the same woman driving the pre just recent weeks, saw her multiple times, but cops don't know if she was indeed the person driving at the time of the crash. still, police are thinking if they can fine her, they can find the driver looking at video it, shows the crash, shows the prius leaving the scene of the crash but does not show the driver, and telling us that vehicle was stolen several month ago in east lansdowne recalling so, stolen vehicle out there, that they found, a driver that routinely drives it, police hope that if they can find her that they can find the person who was driving when this hit-and-run took place, back to you.
8:05 am
>> coming up on 80:00, a classes expected to resume today ucla after nurds you are seaside on campus, student upset over his grades, shot and killed his engineering professor, forcing the campus to go on lockdown. officers fawn the bodies of professor bill clog and another man inside an office at engineering building, found a gun and what appears to be a suicide note. >> now hearing from the mother of the baby born with a zika related condition in new jersey. doctors are working to help the newborn, who suffers from micro self lee and issues with the eye, the baby area mother was ultrasound fine but then later birth defect. >> i spoke to migraine column gist told him i had an allergy. he asked if i had a fever. and i said maybe just for an hour, and i forgot all about it. the gynecologist said everything was going to be
8:06 am
fine. >> hop do your us a, one of the territories where the mosquito born virus is taking place now, prognosis for babies born with microcephaly generally very poor. and there is no cure for it. fu food and truck administration, sodium content lowering in food. both two year and ten year gold for less salt and processed and prepared foods. americans average salt intake about 3400 milligrams a day. nearly 50% more than what experts recommend. the guidelines covering wide variety of foods from bread to cold cuts to cereals and smacks. >> no decision yet whether charges will be brought against the parent of boy who fell into a gorilla enclosure at the cincinnati zoo. >> this as police just released the 911 call from the baby's, i should say, the boys mom. you can hear the pan nick her voice as she watches this all
8:07 am
happen in the mote below in the zoo. >> cincinnati 191 what's the address? >> my child fell in the zoo with the gorilla. the zoo, my son fell in with the gore ill a the gorilla is over him. and -- >> okay, okay. >> you can hear the pan nick her voice for good reason, right? cincinnati police just released this call yesterday. the moms three year olson fell into the enclosure saturday, zoo officials chose to shoot and kill that 17 year old gorilla harambe to protect the child the at one point you hear the little boy's mom calling out to him below. >> be calm. be calm. be calm. be calm. he is dragging my son, i can't watch. >> this i can't. i cannot. i can't. i can't watch. >> so here we are on thursday there is happened over the weekend, now the case has spark outrage and the world. the zoo says the enclosure safe but is considering changes after this incident.
8:08 am
>> coming up on 8:08. ordinary engineering turns hot wheels. >> take a look, building custom battery operated cars for kids with disabilities, they can't get around, like most other kids. these cars are specifically adapted and decorated just so the kids watch their unique needs, the go bay i go organization, all one goal in minds, to provide mobility to kids who have challenges moving on their own. >> otherwise i am poor for them to. >> really is i know made just for him. >> each child test drives, to make sure right fit, then get to take them home for keeps. >> the smiles on their face also priceless. >> sweet ride. >> ya. >> okay, learn to save a life.
8:09 am
this mom is lucky to be alive. cpr gave her a second chance, we will show you the proper technique that can make a huge difference. >> but first, swallowing a balloon to lose weight? one company says yes. their plan to inflate balloons inside your stomach to help you slim down. giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy...
8:10 am
8:11 am
8:12 am
kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. >> 8:12, we are watching radar, nothing in our advice continue tip, not until tomorrow, even though there is rain in the central part of the state, high pressure is keeping that away until tomorrow morning. light rain for the morning, after 12:00 noon we see some thunderstorms pop up, head through the weaken, we will will have little rain, dry saturday, still looks like dry saturday, rain rolling in sunday morning maybe thunderstorm in the afternoon news just be prepared to deal with stray shower or two tomorrow morning. for cedar park, for good day drive. we'll have great time no
8:13 am
matter what, 84 degrees today. seventy-nine with those scatter showers around tomorrow. dry day, cross your fingers saturday. high of 85, scattered showers and thunderstorms on sunday by monday, tuesday, wednesday of next week looking whole lot better. >> nothing to do with bonnie just couple of cold fronts headed our way tomorrow then another one sunday. so, bob kelly, sun glare, beyonce, won't be happen which bonnie, if it causes some problems down there in south philly on sunday, but here is a mess. think you're having bad start to the day? academy road, look at this fellow here, smashed off the barrier, spun around, look at the skidmarks here, two vehicles involved, left lane block, south 95, approaching academy road. so if you are leaving northeast philly right now, heading south, jam into the
8:14 am
accident scene, even at northbound gaper delay, and further south into the city normal delays from the betsy on in, the schuylkill expressway, running slow, from montgomery out toward belmont. we got some sun glare coming in around the conshy curve and even the turnpike heavy from ft. washington, overthrew norristown, chris, alec back being over to you. >> a hot button issue. >> 112 year old boy decided to inject his thoughts into the conversation here. >> it is inside of this, explaining everything, i got in here, because it is a lot of information. i'll start right now. >> this is -- >> i think it might be because ...
8:15 am
millions of children from dying from ... help tight, just to mention few, even small pox, small pox, needs the vaccine, you might say well, it is my child, it is my choice. okay, i agree, it is your choice, expose your child to deadly diseases but, you know, it is not just your child. it is basically everyone else's child. it is also everyone else's child you're putting in danger because -- so, please, vaccinate your children. >> he's 12? >> all i wanted to do when i was 12 was play wiffle ball in the backyard. >> this has currently more than 5 million views, ten of thousands of shares. so it is resonating. let's stay with health. could swallowing a balloon, swallowing a balloon, actually be the key to weight loss? >> california company seems to think so. so we will show you some video. this is a company, demonstrate how this device works, so that
8:16 am
a deflated balloon inside small capsule attached to thin tube, see it going down here, when you swallow the pill, it is in the stomach, the doctor pumps gas into the tube, you see it expanding inflating the balloon, tube is removed, leaving behind the balloon, which now takes up space in the stomach curb the patient's appetite because you feel full. this is approved in europe but not yet approved by the fda. >> doctor program now joins us, doctor, thanks for being here. this is very sci-fi. >> yes indeed it is. >> already a fullness in the stomach, when you eat some food, do you not eat as much as you can. >> in other words, the balloon looks like you just ate big steak. volume in there? >> that's right, that's in there, so when you eat food you stop short of the amount of food you normally eat. >> once it gets in, inflated do you have to go back to keep it up? how do you keep the balloon
8:17 am
inflate in the. >> only a laid in for three month, three month mark, and the endoscopy surgeon will go back in with a scope and puncture it. i think the your peer and studies or trials it is only allowed to be in for three months. >> you can get a new one put back in? >> right. >> so can they get it here? >> not as yet. first time this is approved by the fda. not possible to get it. >> you said once, do you think it will be a purchased? >> i do think so. some other balloons placed endoscopically, not currently approved arcly in patient with bmi between 20, 40, is this last ditch efforts? >> i think kind of middle grounds before you consider surgery, it is going to be
8:18 am
used more in patient than the smaller bmi. >> when you say with surgery, because bar at trick surgery almost the same feeling. you feel full, so that way you eat less, and with this balloon, you feel full, so you eat less? >> correct. >> so bar at trick surgery you perform that at penn. you used to perform those as well, is this replacement for the lap band surgery? for some it hasn't gone well. >> correct. the lap ban came and went. used to do a lot of lap band, didn't work as well as the classical gastro bypass or gastrectomy. and the hope this one is that it is casino after kick start to usual health, so in addition to exercise, nutritional tomorrow up pre-op assessment, use this as casino of tool to help up get on that path. >> you have got this balloon in your stomach, there has to be some side effect to this,
8:19 am
though, flight. >> correct. one of the things that all of the pain rent told beforehand, there is a gee agree of nausea, some vomiting, sometimes the patients have to be given anti-med ex graduation to make sure it doesn't happen. but usually only happens from the first three, four days after place many. >> it means if you were to do this every three months, similar procedures to this, cost that much, would you have to pay that every single time do you it? >> yes. >> not cheap then. >> right. endoscopically placed not yet approved by insurance, so all at this point cash business. >> you think the hope when you first start with this, you get one put in, change your lifestyle, then when it comes out the hope is that you continue. >> with that guy of eating small ability every food. >> we have to wrap. but if it is out then, then the stomach is just -- has the same volume again, wouldn't
8:20 am
you want to towed did did to with more food again? >> that's the negative. >> that's a pretty big negative. >> interesting. >> doctor, thank you for your time. interesting. appreciate it. >> 8:20. >> new way to do prom. how schools across the country are changing l big dance to make it more inclusive. >> oh, no. they split up? taylor swift and taylor harris have had a riff? who ended this? is there baby baby bad blood? sorry.
8:21 am
he could install your ceiling fan.ce said he couldn't. and that one time ron said another chili dog was a good idea. yeah, it wasn't. so when ron said you'd never afford a john deere tractor, you knew better. now ron does too. the e series. legendary john deere quality. unexpected low price. e series compact tractors come with an industry-best, six-year, no-cost powertrain warranty.
8:22 am
♪ ♪ the best way to get together, is with the treat you make together. ♪ ♪
8:23 am
>> 8:23, tal or swift, and harris, dating, but now decided to break up. >> oh,. >> there is no word yet on why they broke up. but, sources say, it was calvin harris' decision. but, you want to share this,
8:24 am
chris, been saying it all morning? >> , no i'm sick of it. >> bad blood thing? >> there is no bad blood. >> okay. >> and they say that nobody cheated. but remember, when they were celebrating they were pretty public with their relationship, even got it in her speeches, every awards show, then when they had their one year, they had little homemade cake, and they seemed so happy. >> we don't know what their relationship was really like. >> fifteen month, i guess they would know by then? >> go on vacation, or baycation. they were into it, man, something happened. i hope she is okayment she hasn't had much luck with love when it comes to hollywood. but we've had great music, i know kind of bad thing, because break ups are terrible, but, you know, could get some good songs out of it, too. >> maybe she'll become like alan is morissette, just casino of angry, upset. >> i don't want her angry. >> but if you want to ride it out, girls, just ride it out. >> alleged text messages
8:25 am
between johnny dep's assistant and amber heard, may show that dep was actually have i lent before the couple even got married. >> entertainment tonight says it has screen shot of text messages between the two. the assistant allegedly told amber heard that dep cried when he was told that he kick her and amber heard dep had done it before but always thought it would get better. >> meantime people mag even obtain new photos showing her facial injuries allegedly caused by johnny dep, the representatives have not responds today row quests for comment about these photos, or about the abuse allegations. but that takes it to whole different level. >> sure does. >> ya, we'll have to see what happens in court for sure. >> 8:25, learn to save a life. we're going to show you a mom who is lucky to be alive, but cpr gave her a second chance, so we will show you the proper technique that can make a huge difference. something that everyone needs to know. connections.
8:26 am
8:27 am
you're not just in the classroom; you're part of the community. you meet these tiny kids every year, and you help them learn and grow. but you also get to know their families, and over the years they become a part of your life, and you become a part of theirs. when you build those connections, you can accomplish some pretty amazing things. i'm jackie kruzik and i'm proud to be a new jersey educator.
8:28 am
8:29 am
>> why don't you put the kids in charge in maybe led your child lead parent teacher conferences, parent teacher student conferences in. >> makes sun, the sun is shining, so should you. the must-have products to get your beauty routine ready for summer. >> sue, we want to to to feel like summer, means the sun needs to be shining, okay? >> well, today we will fulfill your order, alec, night start -- nice start to the day, looks real nice out, there seeing a lot of sunshine, bus stop buddy ready waiting for the bus to go to elementary school. 60s out there, your temperature, no rain in the area. and everything looks like it is moving along just fine at philadelphia international airport. 64 degrees, down atlantic city
8:30 am
it is 64, 66 in wilmington, delaware, how about high of 84 degrees? very nice afternoon, we call it perfection, gave it a ten, tomorrow, different story. >> in other words, soak it up and enjoy it while we k good morning, everybody, on a thursday, 8:30 exactly, ouch. look at the skidmarks from this accident here. >> this fellow, bounced off the metal guardrail then kissed front bumper, 59 southbound, right at academy road. so bumper to bumper from woodhaven on in even the school buses are moved over there as we look live, the benny back up from the upside into downtown at eighth and vine, there is your speedometer readings for the turnpike, lot of sun glare this morning but no complaint because may not have it tomorrow. heavy from ft. washington on in to norristown. >> did you know it is kiss a dummy week? oh, wait. cpr.
8:31 am
>> reminder of the importance of learning the life saving technique, that's called cpr. so what saved stephanie's life, and this is her story. >> in 200 #, stephanie was in the best shape of her life despite having an after it me, a the mother of two an athlete even competed against men's teams, then everything changed. her husband, a doctor, took an early morning call. as he was about to leave the room, their four year old stopped him. and that's when he heard stephanie make a strange noise. >> he called to her, no answer. then he roll her over. she was already blue. he called 911 and started cpr, her life was saved, but the effect still linger. stephanie has a pacemaker and if her heart rates go high she gets a call from the doctors office. she takes medication and has problems with short-term memory, but that's progress. when she first woke up she didn't even recognize her own family, now on a campaign to make sure kids learn cpr
8:32 am
before they graduate high school. >> with us this morning, at the university of pennsylvania medical center, they are going to show you how to do cpr. you will want to watch this. >> first let's talk about stephanie's story. stephanie, were you dead, you came back to life? >> i am absurdly fortunate for what i've gone through, the fact that my husband was there, and able to react and new what to do changed everything because avenue very full active life now. of course i have some limitations, but considering what could have been, unbelievable. >> you describe it as were you in the best shape of your life? >> best shape of my life. i am someone who has played sports since the age of seven. that's what i hung my hat on. so awkward from the best shape of my life to the worse shape of my life overnight. i am not someone who you would have felt would have been at risk for this.
8:33 am
>> this is going back 15 years ago i had cpr training. i don't know i would have done as well as your husband did to save your life. your husband had training trang fully? >> he had training during high school years, he and bring both lifeguards. that's when we learn. warning this terrible event take place, that's a terrible option. always better to step in, do something. >> quite certainly recall, once you teach someone how to do it? >> i think it is important, that card ash arrest kills over a thousand people in philadelphia each year. yet a therapy we all can do, all can learn, now the american heart association teaches hands-only cpr where you just push on the chest.
8:34 am
>> cpr done by anyone, it is important to learn it so we have more survivors. >> do you find a lot of people don't know thousand do it? >> we are trying to solve the problem by starting large program called the mobile cpr project which will go all around communities in philadelphia and teach hands on. >> it is part of our studios right now, there it is, mobile cpr progging. >> see there mayor john leer, at the van, this van driving around neighborhoods in philadelphia that we have identified to be high risk for people not knowing cpr. >> do you bring this with you? >> let's do did now. >> girls, worth mentioning, that we have a kit, cpr training kit here that we will use, this is a video self instruction kit that you can learn cpr. we will be giving these out with the van, project, but first, let's show you cpr.
8:35 am
this is manaquine. >> the way this works first. >> don't panic? and don't war a skirt. >> and call 911 to get professional help. you can't stop there. calling 91 is is not sufficient. what you need to do, put your hands in the middle of the chest, rid in the middle. >> you lock your fingers, keep your arms straight, and push at 100 beats per minute. >> what's that? >> hard, some people know from staying alive, staying alive as recorded by the bg's has a beat of 100 pedestrians per minute. >> so let's put the song on. >> ♪ ♪ >> you want to be pushing the chest, pretty hard, you can't be wimpy about this, this is matter of life and death. >> shall we try it? >> tell us. try first. >> so it is like ah, ah, ah.
8:36 am
>> oh, okay. >> now, normal chests of course don't click, the clicker here tells us we are pushing deep enough. >> how do we know? >> it is hard work, isn't it, al next. >> it is hard work, but people can do it, and it saves lives. the other important thing to tell people -- >> am i going too hard? >> no, it is perfect. >> the other important thing to know can you not hurt somebody by doing cpr. >> break the ribs? >> there is a chance of that, but remember, this is life or death. i've never met someone who had chest pain or a rib fracture that were upset if their life was saved. so it is really important for people to realize that this is somebody who is dead. you can't make them worse than dead but you can save their life. >> true. do you have do what you have to do. thank you so much, doctor, we appreciate t i do have a question for you. since you tech neckly died, did you see a bright light? was there anything? >> if only i could remember. i don't remember all of 2008. so it is all gone. so from now on it is good memories from this point on. >> thank you for sharing your
8:37 am
store. >> i thank you. >> i just want it say if people want to learn more, june 7, philadelphia is having big cpr awareness event at phyy headquarters sponsored by independent blue cross, starts 7:00 a.m. learn more about cpr and see the project in action, doing free public training at noon. >> thank you for coming. >> my pleasure. >> well, 8:37. a risky shot. >> this golfer takes crazy swing and makes contact. after. >> this
8:38 am
8:39 am
♪ ♪ ♪ don't you just love it ♪ ♪
8:40 am
>> be aware every wild animals in case you need a warning to heed those signs. here's one, woman quickly learned why you should always keep a safe distance from an elk.
8:41 am
okay, that was charging, where is it going? >> she wasn't injured and and profusely apologized. >> call this the golf shot seen around the world. chest it -- check it out. golf her difficult shot. oh, oh, my gosh. >> yucky water. >> ewwe. >> so what was he going to do, right? he didn't have any other place to stand. takes the shot. >> oh, well. >> were they laughing or screaming? i don't know, we can't hear. >> all things considered, pretty good shop. the country club there, looks warm, so all good. >> maybe. towed scream or something. >> apparently bad words, so we couldn't. >> a bleep. we just silence philadelphia altogether. >> to be on the safe side. >> all right. so, 8:41. >> you know what's not quiet at all, those that is cars.
8:42 am
>> oh, it is loud being in the put, right? >> really loud in the poconos over the week edge, jenn fred, good morning. >> 80,000 loud on sunday. before the people come, before the drivers, we will warm up the platform, yes? okay. we will get in that car, and go at at least a hundred miles n hour live on tv.
8:43 am
grover cleveland here. yes, the dashing fellow on the thousand-dollar bill. with 'cash4life', the great game from the pennsylvania lottery, you could win a thousand dollars a day for life! you could buy a new house! or maybe even treat yourself to a trip to the islands. and with drawings every monday and thursday, that means 2 chances to win every week. cash4life from the pennsylvania lottery. you could win a thousand dollars a day for life.
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8:45 am
>> the sky is blue over blue mountain this morning, gorgeous, everywhere, really, that is why we gave it a ten, after all. and temperatures are still pretty comfortable, 64 degrees in the city 59 up in mount pocono, 56 lancaster, atlantic city international. 64 degrees, humidity is at 80%, so little sticky, very sticky down in dover, but, you know, getting into that summertime thing. we did get to 09 degrees yesterday. not so hot today. just right. kind of goldilocks kind of day. not too hot, not too cold. 84 degrees, 79 tomorrow. wish we could take those pesky raindrops out of the forecast, but they'll be around, not so much in the morning, heavier in the afternoon, dry on
8:46 am
saturday, thunderstorms rolling in, on sunday. sorry, alex. sue? >> i know. >> 8:46. stock car race begins with the race car, and jen is currently inside one going around the track, at the pocono raceway. we want to see how do you this, jen. >> wait a minute, that's correct not a race care. >> we are here, it is not a race car. but this car is going to go pretty fast, say good morning to nick, good morning. >> your grand fought found in the track. now the boss of it. >> you and ooh brother. so what will we do? >> we will pull up, take you on the tricky triangle through the three unique turns, and give you brief explanation of them and the history of it if you like. >> i like t we know mike the camera guy in the back is a little nervous. that makes you happy? >> it does, yes.
8:47 am
>> okay. >> mom and dad, bring the kids, could be something for batch lore, bachelorette party, guys weekend, get a which with your wife and friends, anything you want it to be, it can be. and there is experiences for everyone of all ages. >> i wack talking to women of -- some of your guys, another race happening in july. he said right when the ocean water gets warm, think about coming back to the pocono raceway. >> another nascar sprint cup race coming back in july. then right after that have our indy car race. at the end of august. going in to turn one here, 14 degrees and banking. they'll end they are corner at over 200 miles an hour. you. >> know what you are doing? >> i've done little bit of racing. you're in fairly good hands. >> have you ever crashed a car? >> all the time. >> kevin your guy actually
8:48 am
cares about all of these other trucks and roads, cars on the road right now. >> these are coming, in approaching turn two, so get their trucks washed real quick before they park them in the garage area and make them look shine. >> i turn? >> the tricky tunnel turn, all every racing, very fast, very flat, it is only 8 degrees of banking and through there in a heartbeat. and it is one of those corners you call a pucker corner where driver when you hit the corner it is real a test of nerves. pucker up and get in there as fast as you can. >> so why the cones? >> very flat here. >> turn two? >> yes, short shoot between turns two and turns three, this is 8 degrees, very long sweeping corner here we have a four turn track. i'll punch it down the straight away. >> but you are supposed to accelerate? >> yes. >> so you keep going up and then coming back in? >> i'm just trying it avoid
8:49 am
some obstacles here. >> yes, equipment here? really cool, thanks so much. >> mike, okay? >> okay. >> he doesn't like the look of the pick-up truck. you mind if we hang out at your track? >> we will be here all weekends. >> thanks, guys d it look cool back there? yes it, does, i want to see you get behind the wheel, though. >> one more. >> here you go. >> car coming? you're not nervous? >> plenty of road. >> plenty every road. >> how fast are you guys going? >> only up to 85,. >> only eight a, no big deal. while doing a curve. thanks so much, jen. tomorrow west philly it is your turn, so we're coming to you, here is the thing, if we're in west philadelphia, we've got to do some fresh
8:50 am
prince stuff right? we want you guys to come dressed in your best, fresh prince gear, want to see some dj jazzy jeff out there. your best nine's outfits, because we will be in cedar park, along baltimore avenue, 4917 baltimore avenue. forty-ninth annie streets. we will be live from seven to 9:00 a.m. get there early. a the love people. it will be a great time. here is the other exciting thing. you can win a car. so you can sign up to win brand new mazda cx9. go to click on contest right on the home page, you can do this once every 24 hours, picking finalist, once a week, and then on the final show on july 22, we're having our big give away. so here's where we will be for the next several weeks, come out, see us, it will be a loft fun plus win mazda cx9. it is a win-win. 8:50, food is out there listen up. how you can turn your love of bacon into a full-time job. does that sound good to you? sounds good to me. ♪
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
>> you love bacon, chris? >> your dad makes good bacon. >> he does make good bacon. did you ever wish you could get paid to eat it? new blog called extra crispy, devoted entire throw breakfast, look to go hire a bacon critic. so, the bacon critic, what do you do all did a. >> you spend three months getting paid to research, critique bacon, mixing being accepted right now. all do you have do, essay on your best bacon related memory, and all it takes to apply really is funny, memorable, and they want those kind of stories in order to be a bacon critic. >> does it come with a cardiologist, too?
8:55 am
>> better being good. >> one of the hardest foods to cook at home right? staple of the american diet, eggs and bacon for breakfast? you but you don't want it too pink, right? it has to be cooked enough. can't be black, it has has to be just right. >> do you have trouble making bacon. >> cook low and slow. that's the key. >> for me. >> whenever she bridges it in, which is hilarious, you hoard it, you gave me like that big a piece. >> oh, don't even do that, i did not. >> no, no, my dad is in town, he makes the best bacon. >> he really does though. 8:55, put the kids in charge, maybe beneficial to let your child lead parent teacher conferences. >> and, $15,000 toward, why you may cringe why when you see one what one seriously did do this.
8:56 am
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>> today, thursday, june 2nd, 2016. hi, karen? hi, getting myself all organized, sorry. >> look at that necklace. >> hard when you have a different neck line, bra zaps showing. >> just helping you out, girl. >> someone's been to the beach. >> did i get to go down on sunday, really fun, yes, sunscreen on the face, but dow bake a little bit on the rest of it. >> you look nice. >> thank you, good morning. >> it is shining. >> so should you, the must have products to get your beauty routine ready for the summer. so karen, need to listen up. >> karen, listen to there is you have three boys, they love the leggos, right? a $15,000 nightmare.
9:00 am
>> this leggo sculpture does not look like this at all any more, parent, you will all cringe when you see one curious did to this. quincy, you have got boys, too, they love the leggos! >> i'm at dobbins, at ma -- alma matter here at dobbins? do you it every year? >> yes. >> so, what we will do, we will talk to some of the students who are, you know, designers, i have kevin, is it tal imagine? talmage, piece from him on right now. so i'll be one of the models. >> should student be involved in a parent teacher conferences in this is a piece we found in the new york


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